Setting Goals for August

August Goals

I’m in need of a little accountability. August goals are spewing out of my ears! I’ve got a whole lotta irons in my fire because I’m scrambling around in my attempts to really get this off the ground before I have to head back to work. It’s August! This teacher has been working hard during summer break, and not on school stuff (shhhhhhhh!).


What’s going on at Lemon la Vie?

I thought I’d go ahead and share some of the said irons I’ve got in the fire to get this thing really rollin’, as well as my August goals.

Setting goals is an essential component of establishing a plan. Plans have previously (in my past life as not-a-blogger) been a thorn in my side because the thought of committing to something makes me cringe. I want to be able to do what I want when I want and not be tied down to anything. So, if you are the type of gal that wants to paint the living room on a whim or head to Six Flags because it’s Wednesday, then you are my people. But if we change our mind last minute, that’s ok, too! I’m the worst, I know.

Anyway, let’s focus.

Here are the things blog-related I’ve got rolling at the moment:

  1. Three unfinished posts: One about Tailwind, one about a work from home opportunity, and one that hasn’t quite gotten the proper direction yet (it’s a little all over the place and emotional) Ha!
  2. I was just hired as a VIPKID teacher! Whoop! More than finally getting my foot in the door to the world of work-from-home, my plan is to talk about this process overall with you. I want to help you get hired here if you’re interested. So, I’ve got a butt load of research happening at the moment for that.
  3. Establishing a plan for this business is something that should have been set up prior to this post (and the many that came before it), but I’m more of a cart-before-the-horse type of girl. I am checking out bloggers that have been successful in this business and learning their strategies for coming up with a good plan.
  4. And finally, I am continuing my search for more work-from-home opportunities that aren’t surveys. I really despise surveys. I think they work for lots of women, but I don’t think I can jump on that bandwagon just yet.

Those are really in no particular order of priority, and actually, if I had to prioritize, I would say that establishing a solid plan is first. My August goals are riddled with everything having to do with the list above.

Have you set goals and made plans for your site? Share what’s working for you!

If I fail, what does that look like?

Failure. I needed to decide what that looked like for me before I went any further. This is a scary thing because of the investment of time and energy that is taking place.

For my family

For me, failure, I feel, is a little more intimidating because I have a family, and, like you, I need this to work so that I can contribute financially to my fam bam. My husband has a great job, and he makes a decent amount of money that (I’m sure) can support us if this crashes and burns. But, (BIG but), he is not really digging a single-income family, so testing those waters doesn’t really seem like an option at this point. My financial contribution covers many expenses, like insurance benefits for myself and the kids, utilities, groceries, etc., etc.

Going back to my brick and mortar job

Now on to the lesser evils of failure: I would have to return to work. I don’t wanna go to school!!!! The kids are mean! Just kidding (a little). My job is awesome, and my coworkers are even more so. I love my kids (students), too, probably a little too much which is really stressful because my hands are tied when they need more help than a teacher can provide. Seriously, so many of them just need to be loved! I want to bring them home and feed them, make them take a bath, and just provide a safe place for them to be. That’s what I’d have to go back to.

So failure would look like, more than anything, a strain on my marriage. Yikes.

Returning to a job that I have previously loved would be doable. I’ve got marketable skills. I can find a job. I don’t want to do that, but I’ve got a resume if I need to use it.

What about you?

What does failure look like for you? Figuring this out will help you realize that failure is a big part of becoming who you are supposed to be. It’s how you learn. If you never failed, you would never learn anything. Don’t stress about failing. I know it’s cliche, but what really matters is learning from your failure. Identify what it looks like for you, and you will realize that it is a whole lot less intimidating. Let that be your motivation to keep on truckin’!

Setting Goals for August

Goals, Goals, Goals Y’all

My goals are BIG. Anybody else got some major goals? Goals are great, but if you haven’t got a plan to reach their goals, then you’ll just be stuck spinning your wheels. Working hard for nothing is kind of what I feel like right now at my current workplace. That’s not what I’m here to do.

I know. Planning. Ugh. I have got to become a better planner.

Establishing what I want has been crucial to creating an actionable plan. It may seem easy, but really, think about it. What do you want? Can’t you just see Ryan Gosling asking you this?! Insert The Notebook GIF here!

Check out this post about deciding your reasons for doing this.

My long-term goal is to become so flexible that I can be at home or wherever and still generate a lot of income. I want this because I want to be available for my family all the time. Also, I want to offer cultural experiences through travel for my kids, so I need to have enough money and time to do that.

Now, how am I going to do this? How are you going to do what you want to do with this?

August Goals

This post is partly about what I need to do for August to reach my long-term goal that I mentioned above. This month I want to:

  • Add 13 more posts to Lemon la Vie-I will do this by creating a writing schedule.
  • Comment on 5 bloggers’ posts per day-I will do this by getting on Pinterest, and reading through others’ post that I’ve pinned.
  • Become more active in Facebook groups-I will schedule about 30 minutes per day to engage with other bloggers on Facebook.
  • Get at least 50 subscribers-This will take me engaging more on Facebook, Pinterest, and Tailwind. I will also update any SEO that can be adjusted.
  • Apply for at least 2 more work-from-home jobs to share on the blog-I’ve already got some in mind, I just need to check them out.
  • Book at least 10 classes on VIPKID-I will research what needs to be done to gain a following on the VIPKID platform.

If it seems like we’ve got a lot going on…

That is A LOT! But I wanted to share with you so that you can see that there is so much work to be done, and I need to be accountable to you!

Notice that for each thing I want to accomplish, I have a plan of action. Most of it boils down to creating a schedule and keeping it organized. If you get nothing else out of this post, remember this: create a schedule and keep it organized!

What this means for you

You may need to break your entire day apart to keep this up. I know better than anyone how difficult this can be. For real. I’m a night owl that attempts to wake up early enough to get stuff done. I’m tired. I try to create a menu that everyone enjoys and keep the laundry done. I’m sure you know all about the balancing act.

I’m gaining an understanding that planning and organizing is what selflessness is like. It’s hard when all you wanna do is watch reruns of Grey’s Anatomy while you eat a half gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yup…been there, done that…But, I’m needed in so many ways. I have needs to meet, and so do you! How will you do this. Think about your reason for doing this and run with it!

I’m just sayin’, do what works for you and your family. But YOU are in charge of deciding what works. Make your organized plans and above all, get it done, girl! You got this!

Get your August goals going!

Do you need to launch your blog? Check out how you can start your blog for less than $100 here.

What do you have going on this month?

Maybe you want to learn how to get your posts shared so you can gain some more traffic. See this post.

Maybe you are uber busy, but you want to educate yourself on how to chase this dream of yours the right way. Listen to some podcasts while you work. I recommend Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger Podcasts.

Leave a comment with your blog name so I (and other readers) can go check it out!

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  • Susan

    Thanks for an awesome post. Got me thinking that I should really sit down and work on goals for my own blog,
    Thanks again and have an awesome August

    • lyndseyg88

      Susan, Thank you! I struggle with coming up with a plan because I want everything to be flexible! Flexible plans…gonna roll with that! Good luck over at Techie Mom!

    • lyndseyg88

      Shay, I’m about to head back to work, so I’m a little nervous about staying on top of everything. Do you have any tips about juggling everything? Any bit of advice helps! Thanks for checking out the post. Happy blogging!

  • Taylla

    I’m so proud to say I know you and am inspired that you not only wrote goals, but you included action items! You should look up “masterminding.” It helped me find my tribe and motivation with a much needed dose of accountability. Keep at it!

    • Lyndsey Lemon

      Hey!! OMG Thanks for that! I have been doing nothing but research every dadgum day, so I’ll be reading about it. Miss you so much!

  • Charnel

    Thanks so much for the inspiration, you’ve definitely helped me define greater goals for my blog. I blog over at I want to bring boss babes together through the content I create!

    • Lyndsey Lemon

      Charnel, That’s awesome! I’m so happy that you found inspiration here. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your info. I hope to see you more!

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