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    How to balance your career and your side hustle and stay upbeat

    Can I pour out my heart for a sec? I’m back at work. My good ol’ brick and mortar job, and gosh, there have never been so many lows for me. Before I continue, reiteration of how great my coworkers are is in order. They are uh-maaaazzzzz-ing, but my heart is at home. I need to share how to balance side hustle and 9-5 so that you don’t go crazy! So, how can you stay upbeat about having to make that money when you’re ready to ditch the 9-5? Anybody working their heinies off trying to balance side hustle and 9-5  knows that the juggle is real. You know, the…

    Work From Home

    Teach English Online with VIPKID

    Hey boss lady! I did a thing, and I want to share all about it with you. Have you ever heard of VIPKID?It’s a community that allows you to teach English online. About a year and a half ago, I was talking to another boss lady in the church nursery about charting a course for working from home. She started telling me about this online teaching platform that she did from home called (you guessed it!) VIPKID. Here’s the scoop on VIPKID: They are a company based in Beijing, China constantly in search of fluent English-speakers that are willing to teach English online to Chinese students. My Journey to Teach…