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Hey, you, Boss Lady!!

Welcome to Lemon la Vie! Here, I’m all about helping you create a life you love!

I’m Lyndsey, and I want to help with you on your journey to create a life you love while living the best of both worlds. Workin’ and mom-in’ ain’t easy, especially when you gotta answer to the “man”. But, what if you were the “man”?

Boss lady!

Who the heck are you talking to?

So who exactly am I talking to? I realize that identifying my ideal reader in the open like this may in fact slow my growth, but let’s be real.

I’m here to engage women with young kiddos that work a full-time job (for shizzle, moms are full-time workers anyway!). Women that are looking to better themselves through education and make some (a lot) of extra moolah. Boss babes who don’t want to miss out on everything going on with their families. Super gals who want to contribute to the financial stability of their fams from wherever they want. My peeps that want to thrive for themselves and those that depend on them.

I literally sat down with my fancy pen and described you! You’re who I’m writing to! You’re who I want to help because I’ve been there. You are my people!

So, c’mon in! Grab some coffee (or tea), and read on!

What?! Blogging as a career is a thing?


Blogging and working from your laptop/desktop/phone/whatevs is a thing!

And I’m doing it! There are multiple streams of income for you to choose from when you work from home. Together, we’ll explore how to monetize your website and find other work-from-home opportunities.

Find out about how I recently landed a contract with a company that allows me to work from home. Check it out here!

That all sounds nice, but what’s the investment???

Alright, you got me. Let’s talk about the investment. What is it exactly?

Your time!

There is a pretty substantial time investment that will go into this at first. You gotta start somewhere! There will always be hoops to jump through and dues to be paid.

Change is the only constant here.

am sick and tired of going through the mom guilt that accompanies working at a brick and mortar establishment. Not that my current main source of income isn’t the bomb, it just keeps me from my true calling. There is this great desire, no, need to be available for those who need me 24/7 while I bring home the bacon. The struggle is real, y’all! I just can’t get past it! Change, here I come!

What about you? What do you want? If you are looking for financial freedom and flexibility, then join me as I make lemonade from the lemons on the lemon tree that I am growing (think about that one for a minute!) by creating a successful online presence through blogging. And with that, let’s create the life you love!

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