How to Stay Motivated When Your Blog is Not Gaining Traffic

Just checked out your stats. Zero views. Ugh. How discouraging. You’ve worked your butt off creating amazing content, learning WordPress, installing all the right plugins, sharing, and no one is noticing. Let’s talk about how to stay encouraged when your blog is not gaining traffic. Blog motivation, if you will.

Blog motivation


It’s hard. This blogging gig is lots of work. Don’t believe anyone that tells you that it’s not. Fortunately, there is a lot to feel encouraged about! Yay you!

So how are you going to do it? How will you keep your head up? Here are some things to ALWAYS keep in mind on your journey, even though it seems fruitless right now.

Blog motivation, baby!!


You already know why you want to do this.

Earlier, I told you that you needed to decide what your “why” is. Why are you doing this? Write it down. Hang it on your bathroom mirror. Don’t forget it. See this post about coming up with your why.

Establishing your reasons for wanting to blog will keep you focused even when it doesn’t seem that you are gaining any traction. Your why will be serious blogging motivation.

Now, you’ve got to understand that gaining followers is not going to happen over night. Obviously. You have to put in the work. A. Lot. Of. Work.

Here’s the encouraging part: You can do this. Others that have gone before you have cracked the code, or rather, business model for doing this. They did it. I’m doing it. You’re doing it. We’re gettin’ it done!

I firmly believe that if we put the work in, we will yield a return.

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The code has already been cracked!

There is a method to all of this madness. It’s not just writing. Remember to always work smarter NOT harder! There is a business model right in front of us.

You’ve probably already realized that learning is a major component to becoming anything. You want to be a cosmetologist? There are classes for that. You want to be a gardener? There is an unending amount of information on the subject. Work a cash register? Waiting tables? Answering phones? Teaching 5th grade? (Yup, that’s me). There will be some learning on your part involved in the success of anything you want to become!

I guess you could say that I am a major proponent for education given my background. A lot of people doing the blogging thang will tell you that “content is king,” but I would say that it’s a close second behind education.

Educate yourself on the subject of blogging. There is no scarcity of resources out there just for you.

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You’re on a team now.

A team of bloggers!

When you started your journey, you may have noticed that bloggers want other bloggers to be successful. That’s absolutely AMAZING! Can you believe that people monetizing their blogs want you to do well?! Aren’t we in competition with these other bloggers?

I think not so much. I am determined to see you meet all of your goals. Others in this realm the internet want to see you succeed, too! We build on each other’s achievements.

Reach out, become someone’s friend. Share someone’s post. Teach somebody what you know. Meet a need. I love this because it’s all about serving others. There is no greater calling than that!

If that’s not encouraging, I don’t know what is.

You get to be your own boss.

Didn’t Benjamin Franklin say that, “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”? Well, I’m a major night owl. So, I say, “Late to bed, late to rise, makes me accomplish more goals and be healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

I struggle with the 9-5, or in my case, 7-4:30. I genuinely work better when it’s dark out. In the wee hours of the morning I can crank out the content or deep clean my house. Ha! Unfortunately, for many of us, the jobs that we love can’t be done when we wish that we could do them.

The realization that you can become your own boss should be seriously encouraging.

Don’t get it twisted, though. Working for yourself doesn’t mean that you will be working less. In fact, you will probably be working harder, but you can work for something that you can be proud of. With cap-less amount of income and hours that you set for yourself.

That is the blogging Promised Land for me!

You will NOT get NOTHING out of this

Double negative, I know…It’s relevant!

If you are gaining knowledge, you are getting something! When you are meeting new people and networking, you are getting something. If you are learning how to collaborate with others, you are getting something.

I know, you want that traffic. Me, too! That will come. It will take time. Just keep reminding yourself that if you keep moving, you are getting something out of it.

Do not become complacent. Don’t be stagnant! Keep growing. Keep reaching out. Try out a new technique, invest in a class, and request to be a member of a group board on Pinterest.

You read your previous posts and realized they’re crap.

That’s okay, yo! Edit that sh%&.

That edit button makes me feel much better about my online presence. Updating your content is pretty important anyway. Side note: Something that really drives me crazy is when I read really great posts and then realize that they are from 2015. Update your stuff! Ya feel me?

Be encouraged in the fact that nothing on your blog is set in stone. This applies to your theme, too!

If you think of something you may want to include on your site, write it down. You can use it to make revisions or create a new post. I’ve made many changes, and I’m sure that I will continue to do so.

You’re audience will help you. Just be you!

Yep. It’s true. Check out what they like. Use analytics on your site. What are they commenting on? Ask them questions in your posts!

Studying your audience will help you to know what they like and what you should be writing about.

Don’t try to sound like someone else, or you will have to keep up a facade to get your fake content in front of your audience. Maintain your voice, and you will attract the right audience for you.

There are tons and tons of people out there. Somebody will be your specific brand of weird! Those are the ones that will help you out!


You’ve got so much going for you! I believe in you, and there are so many others out there that want to see you as a success story.

People have been there, done that. Learn from them because they’ve cracked the code.

You’re on a team that is tackling this whole internet-work-from-where-you-want-blogger team! Whoop!

You ARE the man A.K.A. boss of this biz.

Invest your time and energy (and a little $$), and you’ll get a lot out of it.

It’s expected that you will make mistakes and some crap posts. Allow it! That’s what the edit button is for.

Look to your audience for help! Whether they’re commenting or not, you’ll be able to tell from them what works and what doesn’t. Just be yourself!


What is your blog motivation?

Share your blog motivation with us in the comment section. How do you stay encouraged during tough blogging times?

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    • lyndseyg88

      It is very draining! But, YAY! I’m so excited that you are feeling the motivation! Thank you for checking out this post! That’s motivation for me!

  • Sharon

    My motivation is to chronicle (open diary) my life on a space I own. Year 2 I need to decide on whether I want to monetize .

    • lyndseyg88

      Hi Sharon! Writing in a diary is such a stress reliever for me. It really helps me to reflect on whatever I’m thinking or doing. Such a great idea for motivation! Let me know if I can help you weigh out any pros and cons of monetizing. Good luck to you!

  • Anna

    Thanks for the pick me upper, I totally agree with you as bloggers we’re on a team and we should root for each other to succeed!

    My motivation is remembering my bigger goal – to help people, and at the same time chronologizing (is that a word?!) my kiddos journey for them to look back on someday. Of course getting page views would be awesome
    too along the way!

    • lyndseyg88

      I’m so glad that you found it motivating! Helping others is so rewarding in itself, so I’m sure you’re on the right track to tons of page views! Good luck!

  • Kellie Lee

    I like to go back and read my old posts that I love and know that I will now have those words forever! That’s enough motivation to keep writing whether anyone else reads them or not. xo

    • lyndseyg88


      So true! Not only will we have our words, but we are leaving something behind for someone else later. That does feel pretty amazing! Thanks for the comment!

  • Priya Ghosh

    Yes, I agree it’s a long wait. But I always keep my hopes high and I remind myself why I started blogging in the first place whenever I’m feeling low. My passion to write keeps me motivated throughout.

    • lyndseyg88


      I have a passion to write, and that has kept me motivated without me even realizing it until I read your comment! Thanks for sharing and keep up your journey!

    • lyndseyg88


      Don’t be discouraged! You are on the right track if you are engaging with your audience! Way to go, you!! Keep up your hard work, and remember why you started in the first place. Happy blogging!

    • lyndseyg88

      Jennie, Don’t give up! Stick with it, and I would love to know how it goes. I will be checking out your blog 🙂 You got this!

  • dani

    Just be you. This is the best tip I have read. Being oneself in the sea of thousands of bloggers is hard when the goal to be a successful blog especially for us who are just starting. To be oneself in the world of blogging is being courageous. I enjoy reading your article. cheers to blogging! =)

    • lyndseyg88

      Dani, Yes! It would get pretty hard after a while to keep up an image that isn’t really you. That’s why being yourself is so important. There are so many fish in sea. Someone is bound to fall in love with what you have to say! I like that you mentioned that it is “being courageous.” I have never thought about it that way, but it makes sense! Blog on, blogger!

  • Nessy

    I want to monetise my blog. It’s relatively young, like just a few months old. Right now, I’m just enjoying writing posts and engaging with other bloggers. So far, I’m loving it, even without the money. I can really see myself doing this in the long run. 🙂 And I think that is the best motivation tool for us bloggers. To really love and enjoy what we’re doing. 😀 Thanks for this post. Very helpful!

    • lyndseyg88

      Nessy, So very true. Doing what you love is the absolute best motivation. It has been really fun for me as well. I just launched at the end of June, and I’ve honestly never worked so hard in my life for something. I don’t think that I have ever enjoyed working so much. It’s been great! Keep up your hard work and always try to be passionate about whatever it is that you are doing. Thanks for the comment!

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