Six Things You Need to Do to Get Your Posts Shared

Sharing is caring, right?! Welp, here are six things you need to do to create shareable content and get your posts shared, so listen read up.

shareable content

After the many hours of research on how to make this blog thang work, I’ve discovered, as I’m sure that you have as well, that I need to gain traffic. Shocker, I know.

So, the question is this: How can I get people to come to my site?

1. Sharing plugin.

Have you installed one? How can anybody share your stuff if they don’t have the means to do it conveniently?

Check out other bloggers that monetize their sites. They literally ALL have share buttons for somewhere, sometimes more than once. I use Sumo. It’s a fabulous WordPress plugin that ALSO helped me set up my opt-in email popup. You can check Sumo out here. 

2. Write AWESOME content.

Well, duh, right? Writing may not be something that comes naturally to you. That’s ok. Check out other posts that are similar to what you want to write about. Look at their style. Read about tips for writing your blog posts.

There’s so much out there to make you better. Just learn and practice your craft for crying out loud! You got this!

3. Share your stuff first!

You’re a starving artist. You gotta be the first one to get your content out there. You’ve got things to say and people to help, and they won’t know about you unless you put yourself out there first.

I know. It can be more than a little stressful to think about getting your content out in the great big world, but remember you’re online, so don’t fret!

You don’t even have to tell anyone that you know in person about your site if you don’t wanna. There’s tons of other blog-reading fish in the sea! I still haven’t shared my site with any of my peeps that I see on the daily.

4. Make it pretty. 

Add gorgeous images, use a lovely font, follow advice from Yoast for readability.

When you see something that you like, you are more likely to stick around, read, and/or buy some stuff.

There is a whole science to this. For real. Learn some basics about what your target audience finds appealing, and go with it!

5. Make it long and thoughtful.

Research suggests that longer, in depth posts tend to be shared more often. That means that you will have to put some serious thought into creating content that is full of meat and potatoes rather than fluff.

Creating content that demonstrates that you are an authority on what your article is about will take you far.

I recommend taking a look at other successful bloggers posts and ask yourself, “Does this post answer a question in depth?” “Does this post seem like the author did their research?” Follow through with answering these.


I know. I know. You want to share what you think about your niche. But if you’re looking for success, then save the opinions for your personal Facebook account (or don’t).

Professional bloggers are in the game to make some serious dough. So if you’re looking to create shareable content, which, you are, then you better have your audiences’ interests at heart. It will show. Your readers will pick up on your motives quick.

If you have something to share that is going to be beneficial to your audience, you’re more likely to have a following that will share your stuff.

shareable content

Shareable Content is Content that Helps Others

I really can’t stress #6 enough. Think about it: when you go to Pinterest, what are you looking for? Something that is going to answer that question you have about what is safe to put on your 2-month-old to repel mosquitoes. Something that answers your question about planting peonies in a shaded or sun-filled area. Something to solve a problem for YOU, whatever that may be!

Am I right, or am I right? If you’re reading this, then you were most likely looking for something that is going to help YOU get your site’s content out there. You needed help in this area.

People most likely aren’t getting online and reading blog posts because they want to just hang out and shoot the breeze!

Please remember: Treat every blog post you write like it is the solution to somebody’s problem. You’re looking for solutions. I’m looking for solutions when I’m doing my research to help you answer your question about becoming successful as a blogger. And that’s for sure what your audience is going to be looking for!

And again I say: Treat every blog post like it is the solution to somebody’s problem. That is the key to creating totally shareable content. It’s always about your audience!

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