How to Start a Professional Blog for Under $100

How to Start a Blog for Under $100

Starting your own website doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can easily access everything you need without breaking the bank! Here’s how you can start a blog for under $100.

That’s right. After a vast amount of mind-boggling research, most bloggers blogging for the purpose of monetizing for financial flexibility choose to be cautious with their investment, and who can blame ‘em?Start a Blog for Under $100!

It took me over a year to get off the ground mainly because I didn’t want to drop the ball after I invested. I was worried that I would crash and burn and be out that investment. Hang tight! I’ve only just begun.

I want to share with you what I’ve purchased so far. When I started, I knew that I would be spending at least $80. I’m a serious cheap skate, and I was so hesitant.

My husband squeaks even more than me when he walks because he’s so tight with money (okay…really, he’s the most money conscious, looking-out-for-us-financially, frugal man that I know). He reminded me that I needed to keep track of all of my expenses.

Did I mention that this is also a journey to becoming organized?!

Keeping a spreadsheet for the tech savvy or a hard copy ledger is something that you definitely need to do. I have a hard copy. But I will eventually transfer everything to a digital copy, so it can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection–remember, we what to be flexible!

So, here’s the breakdown on how to start a blog for under $100 :

Item Cost
1 Year Start-Up Hosting with Siteground $47.40
Upgrade Domain $15.95
Siteground Site Scanner with Malware Monitoring $12.00
Total $95.15

Start-Up Hosting with Siteground

This is where you drop the big bucks. Okay, not really, but so far, this is where the $$ has gone. We are still focusing on how start a professional blog for under $100. So don’t fret yet!

Siteground has three plans for you to choose from:


I chose the StartUp plan because, well, I am just starting out (and I’m a major penny pincher).

Next, you’ll enter in your domain name.

domain name

And then, you’ll review and complete your purchase.

Why Siteground?

I went with Siteground as opposed to the ever-popular Bluehost because they just seemed to be better all around. Siteground beat out Bluehost in site speed, reliability, and customer service.

I’ve already been in contact with customer service since launching a few days ago, and I couldn’t be happier. When you’re new to the online world of professional blogging, 24/7 access to help is a biggie for me.

**Update: I’ve had several chats with customer service reps from Siteground in the past month, and I gotta tell ya, they are AWESOME!

When it comes to speed, consider how you feel when you click on a site that takes forever to load. Site speed can make or break you.

You don’t want to click on someone’s blog looking for info that’s gonna help you, only to find that you’re having to wait 10 seconds for the page to load. You’d just hightail it outta there until you got your instant gratification on someone else’s Speedy Gonzalez site.

Click here to see a thorough breakdown of pros and cons for both sites.

Why do you need a host?

In the beginning, I seriously could not wrap my mind around why I would need to have a host. Wasn’t WordPress a host? What the heck is a host?! So, I got to reading.

When professional bloggers tell you that you don’t have to be a computer wiz to do this blog thang, I was encouraged. However, I must be at the bottom (like in the dirt) part of the technology totem pole because there is so much that I am learning.

A host (like Siteground or Bluehost) is basically your landlord for renting your little space of internet where your blog will live. Keep in mind that you can take the completely free route, but if your plan is to have a professional blog, you’ll need to fork over the dough.

There are many reasons for this, though I have not actually experienced the downside of a free host. I have read horror stories about bloggers that lost their content that they wrote because when it was posted to the free host site, it didn’t belong to them anymore. The host can simply change something on the site, and you lose everything. And, did I mention how big of a deal customer service is?! I’m sure you get what you pay for.

There’s lots of trial and error going on in this world of blogging. Work smarter, not harder by learning from other’s mistakes when possible.


This is your new home! You get to make it yours. Decorate, put up some ideas, invite some guests, and serve up some useful information!

The best part of all of this is that WordPress plays well with others. There are tons of tutorials through Siteground on how to navigate WordPress. I checked out the Bluehost site, and they have their own menu tab for WordPress, too. So, whichever site host you choose, it will most likely be compatible with WordPress.

Find out more about WordPress here.

Who doesn’t like free?

No big-buck-dropping here! When you can, use the free stuff! When creating your site, you are still going to start a professional blog for under $100! Cheap or free is my anthem!

I am currently not paying anything for WordPress. They have free themes that I keep switching out on my site. There are tons of plugins to be found through WordPress to get you started with sharing your blog on social media and email. I signed up with Canva which allows you to edit and use free graphics.

I’m learning about more ways to make this work for cheap. So many companies offer free stuff because they want you to buy into their products later (just like you and I will most likely do as we continue this blogging journey). Get on that bandwagon when it works for you!

Check out Five Things You Need to Know Before You Start Your Blog.

Share any tips that you have!

What have you accomplished so far on this journey? Were you able to start a blog for less than $100? If not, what were some of your other expenses and why did you choose to go that route? There’s so much out there that I have yet to learn, so please SHARE!

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