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How to balance your career and your side hustle and stay upbeat

Can I pour out my heart for a sec? I’m back at work. My good ol’ brick and mortar job, and gosh, there have never been so many lows for me. Before I continue, reiteration of how great my coworkers are is in order. They are uh-maaaazzzzz-ing, but my heart is at home. I need to share how to balance side hustle and 9-5 so that you don’t go crazy!

Side hustle on! Balance side hustle and 9-5

So, how can you stay upbeat about having to make that money when you’re ready to ditch the 9-5?

Anybody working their heinies off trying to balance side hustle and 9-5  knows that the juggle is real. You know, the juggling act where you keep up with your job, your side hustle, the laundry, the dishes, wiping booties, and making sure that no one eats crap for dinner.

It’s a balance, and I’ve fallen off the ball in the past couple of weeks.

Since losing my balance with my side hustle and the other things I’m juggling that have taken precedence over said side hustle, I’ve learned some stuff that you should know, too.

Summer time as a teacher allowed me to have tons of time to work on Lemon la Vie. I was afraid that when I started back at work, that I would be too tired to work on this dream, and I was right. I have been tired as a mother!

Honestly, I don’t think the tired ever goes away, but learning how to plan, organize, and be disciplined enough to stick with it is what I’m focusing on to get me through, and you should too!

Read on to check out how I’ve organized my priorities if you’re working your full time job and trying to make this blog gig work.

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Being healthy is key!

Do you feel that you are so drained because you’ve given all of yourself to everything, and there’s nothing left over for you to follow your dream?

I just published an article about how overall health is helping my manage my autoimmune disease.

Spiritual health is my first priority.

Here’s how I try to keep it straight: 1. My God, 2. My Family, 3. My Job. There’s no other way I’d be able to even attempt to balance side hustle and 9-5 and everything else.

Just about every morning since I decided that I wanted to do this blog thing, I have been spending time in meditation and prayer. Even if I’m running low on time, and I won’t be able to work on the blog, I’ve committed to my relationship with God, which is far more important than anything else I will ever do. Storin’ up treasures!

The trade off is more of an essential for my entire well being, and yours, too. When I sacrifice my time (which really isn’t a lot compared to the unfathomable sacrifice made for me), I come back to the realization that my life really isn’t about me! And that, my friend, sets everything else up for success because success is found in something so much greater than us!

Ya heard!

On a typical morning, I sit with my bible and whatever biblical-thought-provoking book(s) I’m reading at the time, my highlighters, pen, paper, and coffee of course, and I focus my mind on seeking God. I start with prayer then reading, then more prayer, and more reading, highlighting, and note-taking.

So, pretty much…I try to spend about thirty minutes learning more about my God, my family, and my job. Everything that I can think of falls under the umbrella of these three things. You think of it, and I can tell you which category it will fall into as a pray and study-even keeping myself healthy mentally and physically.

Stay healthy mentally!

This morning I read about a lady that wakes up every morning and gives herself lots of affirmations. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Talking to myself? That is ridiculous, right?!

Building someone up with honest kind words is never a bad thing!

I’ve been working on teaching my kiddos at school how to affirm each other. Genuine kindness works in absolutely amazing ways. Why shouldn’t we be kind to ourselves?

You’re probably your own best critic. Have you ever stopped to exercise a little metacognition when you are thinking to yourself about yourself? I mean, really acknowledge the way that you think to yourself about you! I bet you haven’t always been the nicest. Get rid of the negativity!

Affirm yourself! You are AMAZING! Even if you just remembered to put the clothes in the dryer when you were supposed to, tell yourself you did a great job!

You can and should also affirm yourself into the future. Tell yourself what a rockin’ blogger you are and actually envision it. Remind yourself of what you would like to see, and speak it in faith.

Momma, there are more than voices beating us down in this world. You don’t need yours be one of them.

Don’t forget about the physical!

Here’s how I was treating my body when I started back at school:

Two delectable sprinkled donuts for breakfast, and a few pieces of delicious melt-in-my-mouth candy for a snack with the burning sensation of coke in the back of my throat to wash it all down (food porn much?), two more donuts for lunch with another coke…Get home from work, get the kids to bed, stay up waaaay too late catching up on my fave shows with some ice cream…yeah.

This was me just a couple of weeks ago, and boy am I sorry that I let my aging self eat such crap and not sleep enough! I have never been so sluggish! Eating junk and staying up all hours of the night is not going to cut it, people!

You’ve got to have energy to get this going. Eat right, sleep enough hours in the night, and exercise. Take care of the only body you will ever have!

I have since changed my ways, and am now eating very clean and exercising. And I’m starting to feel much better.

Balance side hustle and 9-5 while staying postive

The only way that you can stay healthy, work, and side hustle is with organization.

There are not enough words to express the importance of planning. If you ain’t got no plan, you ain’t goin’ nowhere! Setting goals is muy bueno, but without a plan, you are sure to fail. You have plan with the trifecta (spiritual health, mental health, physical health) in mind. You can’t fill cups if yours is empty!

I’ve started to plan parts of my day even down to the minute. If I don’t, then I struggle with keeping up. Everything from family meals to my conference period at school is planned to help me balance side hustle and 9-5. No joke.

Lack of organization and improv has typically been the name of my game in the past, but I struggle like nobody’s business without a plan.

Is this realization an age thing? I’m getting older so I’m more mature and want to get organized?  Or is it that I’ve set my heart on something, and I’m want to do whatever it takes to make it work? Probably a little of the first and more of the latter. I would guess that your why would be the drive that pushes you to be better, too.

What can I use to stay organized?

Obviously planning will require some thinking time, especially if you’re not in planning practice. As of now, there are a few of things I like to use are a good old pen and paper (journal) for brain-dumping, a planner, and Google calendar. I know that there are lots of online tools that bloggers sign up for, like EverNote, but I haven’t gotten into any of those.

I talk to my husband and my kids to plan my meals on Sundays for the week, and I order my groceries through HEB Curbside pickup. It saves me so much time (and money)!

I try to wake up at the same time everyday, and I put my kiddos to bed at the same time just about every night. I try to save at least an hour at night and in the morning so I can get work done.

Being organized is the only way to stay upbeat and balance side hustle and 9-5!

For real. Discouragement sets in when you drop what your juggling. That’s no fun. Thoughts like, “My current job is really ok. I should just stay with that,” or, “I can’t keep up! There’s no way I’ll ever make any money at this,” set in. I can’t afford to think that way, and neither can you!

Let’s make a deal. I’ll do my very best to stay on the ball, and you will, too! Let’s track our progress together. Subscribe, and let’s chat about it. What do you need? What are you looking to read about to help you on your journey? I want to know!

How do you keep up with your full time job, your side hustle, and everything else in between?

I wanna know what you do! Share what makes you shine in the midst of all of the mom-juggling in the comments below. Tell us how you balance side hustle and 9-5.

Talk to ya soon, momma!

Hello! I'm Lyndsey, and I'm a 5th grade teacher, wife to the best husband, and mom to two beautiful boys. My family is my passion, and coffee is a close second with naps in third. No-judgement-zone! I'm pulling this blog thang together (I like to use thang, ok?!) so that I can be my best possible self for my fam. Here at Lemon la Vie, we are gettin' this life business in order the way we want! Join me on this journey and blog on bloggers!


  • Ashley

    Half the time it seems like I’m running around like a crazy woman. I keep lots of lists to stay organized. I value my time so I really decide what events are importation for me to attend and which one’s aren’t. It’s definitely a challenge, but worth it.

    • Lyndsey Lemon

      Ashley, Me, too! I definitely feel like I’ll never be able to get everything done, and it’s stressful. Lists are great! I like being able to check items off when I accomplish them. Keep it up!

  • Doug Paulson

    Juggling a full time job and a side hustle on top of taking care of the family is a huge undertaking. I really liked the part in your post, where you talked about having to take care of yourself and have a schedule. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Just don’t give up, it may take a while but you will get there. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lyndsey Lemon


      Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m going to keep on keeping on, and I hope you continue to do the same with your blog! We need to hear about the dads, too!!

  • Susa

    Thanks for sharing! Scheduling a bit of time of your day for a moment of quiet reflection, prayer, meditation… is good for mind, body and soul 🙂

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