• Setting Goals for August

    August Goals

    I’m in need of a little accountability. August goals are spewing out of my ears! I’ve got a whole lotta irons in my fire because I’m scrambling around in my attempts to really get this off the ground before I have to head back to work. It’s August! This teacher has been working hard during summer break, and not on school stuff (shhhhhhhh!).   What’s going on at Lemon la Vie? I thought I’d go ahead and share some of the said irons I’ve got in the fire to get this thing really rollin’, as well as my August goals. Setting goals is an essential component of establishing a plan.…

  • Blogging

    Why You Need to Enable Rich Pins and How to do it

    Pinterest is a major online community of people with problems searching for solutions and people providing solutions for those problems. The solution-providers? Bloggers. Here we will will take a look at getting your pins out there by enabling Rich Pins. Think about it. Why do you get on Pinterest? Okay. Other than to waste the day away looking at pretty things, you’re probably looking for what you’re going to make for dinner, or home remedies for stinky pits, or what you will wear to your hubby’s Christmas party at work this year. Even when you’re just browsing, beautiful pictures catch your eye and remind you of something that you want…